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Howard Gordon - the longtime executive producer of the hit TV series 24 - makes his debut as a novelist with a tale of political intrigue and international terrorism.

Presidential Envoy Gideon Davis's behind-the-scenes negotiating skills have earned him the role of peacemaker in conflicts around the globe. But when he is called upon to bring in a rogue U.S. operative, Gideon finds himself embarking upon a dangerous new mission - one whose outcome could change the course of history.

Somewhere in the South China Sea sits the Obelisk, a state-of-the-art oil rig under seize from terrorists led by Gideon's rogue agent himself. That rogue agent is Tillman Davis, and he has promised to turn himself in - but only to his brother, Gideon. Can Gideon rescue his brother, and put an end to a vast global conspiracy, or is it already too late? Find out now in Gideon's War.

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ISBN 13: 978-1439175811